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Keeping it real...

Just have to share one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had to date in the world of tile and stone…..thanks to Decorative Materials

On a bright sunny day in late August, myself and 3 of my colleagues (Tina, Paula and Allison) were presented with the opportunity to visit the historic Yule Marble quarry!   Yes, that’s an exclamation point, I was psyched.  My cohorts?…..not so sure the others shared my glee over walking into a cold, damp and insanely mucky environment…..

If you have never been into the valley near Marble, you must go!  The drive is amazing and we spent a fair amount of time oogling over all the amazing chunks and full blocks of pristine white marble that littered the landscape as we approached our destination!   

The quarry entry is located high above the town of Marble up a switchback filled dirt road.  Amazing that big rigs make it up and down that road in the dead of winter…..they receive upwards of 20 feet of snow! 

Entering the quarry feels like coming into a netherworld, looking up, you can see the progress, that hole at the top was one of the original entries into the quarry circa 1890’s!

We were joined by two gentleman from Italy who had brought their geologist with them to select blocks of stone to be exported back to Italy!

Here we are standing next to Big Jim, notice how fashionable and ‘smart’ Allison looks in her camo jacket and cinched waist! Also notice our feet…..they were caked in mud.  When it’s wet it looks gray, by the time we were back down to Denver, everything had turned into a fine white dust, lighter than baby powder!  

We are all blessed….how cool to be part of a Decorative Materials and a sales staff with first hand exposure and knowledge of the how, when, what and where’s behind the beautiful marble and stone that we sell!  And you thought we were just ‘tile girls!’

Until the next adventure…..

If you are looking for a gorgeous and historic addition to your project, you have found the perfect stone. 

The Colorado Yule quarry is one of the largest in the world and produces the most pristine white marble available on the market.   It has been used on some very notable projects too, including the Lincoln Memorial, the Colorado State Capitol (circa 1895) and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.   

Want some?  We have it We carry the stone under the name of Valley Vein Gold. Available in 24x24 Polished tiles and 3CM Polished Slabs. Get in touch with your sales rep to add this amazing pristine stone to your project!

Reader Comments (2)

WOW. I'm jealous. I want to go slog around in the muck too. BTW, your header looks AWESOME. We at New Ravenna feel so privileged to be such an important part of your online presence.

October 13, 2009 | Unregistered Commentersara baldwin

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July 2, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterpolishedtiles9

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