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Earthly Elements Create Sanctuary 

Patti Weaver, president of Creative Design Solutions, and her design team recently created a master bath that was inspired by Decorative Materials Ambra tile. Ambra, stunning in its appearance has an even more intriguing background. Hand carved then polished, Ambra is crafted to evoke the fundamental elements of nature- air, fire, earth and water.

“The bathroom would not feel the same without this tile,” said Weaver. “It made the bathroom spectacular.”

With the help of master tile setter, Mike Marshall, the bathroom was crafted from an average bathroom into a sanctuary. By including a design with such fluidity, Patti and Decorative Materials brought a unique and different inspiration into the Wonderland Hill development in Boulder, Colorado.

“Decorative Materials is always my first stop for a project,” said Weaver. “They have a beautiful showroom and it is always easy for clients to find something they love.”

Project Details:

Ambra tile: $45/sq. ft.

Home: Wonderland Hills, Boulder, CO

Room: Master Bathroom

Designer: Patti Weaver

Tile Setter: Mike Marshall


Bottom Right: Unfinished Wonderland Hill Home                                          

Top Right: Ambra Detail Courtesy of Artistic Tile

Left: Decorative Materials Basalt Showroom

*Completed photos to come!

Reader Comments (2)

look like a so good an It was a so funny.

June 1, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGlass tile

your product is so good . i like your design

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