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The AZU Project

Modern, urban and stylish, AZU is one of the hottest products to hit our showroom floor this year. AZU is created using over 80% pre-consumer recycled material, primarily marble slab scraps. Each blend is comprised of polished, honed and textured marble. Produced in three unique blends: Crema, Grigio and Miscela (a blend of both colors.)

A competitively priced Interlocking mosaic, AZU is a random blend of multiple length marble pieces, made from scrap slab material.

Reduce, Reuse and Re-create

Consisting of skillfully selected combinations of patterns, color and textures, AZU is not only innovative, but also one of the industry’s most environmental responsible. The multiple- height texture is a result of discarded end-cuts from the production of marble slabs. This blend has achieved a unique and modern look.

Human Right & Equal Opportunity

AZU was founded by partnering and collaborating with an established 30 year old quarry and factory. While already having very respectable working conditions and 35- hour work weeks, AZU has opened up opportunities for women in Indonesia. Previously banned from working in this male-dominated trade- the AZU project has led to the first-ever female division in the factory that now exclusively provides the unique hand-placed blending that makes each sheet of AZU one-of-a-kind. The ladies that work in teams of 12 have an excellent eye for producing exceptional “random-appearing” marble blends.

See more installation images at AZU Gallery. Samples available through Decorative Materials.


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I like this your design. thnk u very much.

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