We've Adopted a Freedom Service Dog!

Sep 30, 2015

Meet The Decorative Dog!

Decorative Materials is on a mission to sponsor a Freedom Service Dog with at a cost of $25,000. Thanks to our generous donors and matching campaign we've raised $9,400 to date.

We’ve just received the most exciting news; we’ve been paired with a dog!

Meet Stellar, our beautiful Decorative Dog! She has been rescued by Freedom Service Dogs and is ready to begin her training regime.

The FSD staff and trainers are in love with this sweet-spirited poodle. She came to FSD as a private donation, which often means the dog was destined for a shelter but they thought of FSD first. 

Stellar is the perfect dog for brace and balance work. Brace and balance service dogs are very special in that they have to have good genes, be at least 23" tall and 55 pounds. 

Bringing a rescued service dog into FSD's care costs $1,300 for veterinary care, travel (to pick up the dog) and provide initial screening for hips, shoulders and back. 

Donate today to help sponsor her kennel!


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