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Color Trends to Look for in 2019

Posted on Nov 14, 2018 in Tile Trends

Like any design element, colors come in and out of fashion. For years, it was all about the neutral, with beige, grey, and especially white dominating the world of interior design. The appeal is clear: neutrals look clean and are capable of visually expanding small spaces. They're also versatile. Unfortunately, neutrals can also feel bereft of personality, particularly after being the top choice for years. Thankfully, today's designers are ready to punch things up with premium tile that features a little extra color.

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Tile Insider: Interlocking Shapes are on the Rise

Posted on Nov 06, 2018 in Insider

While there's plenty to love about the clean, modern aesthetic of subway tiles, today's homeowners are on the hunt for something a little more intricate. Enter interlocking shapes: a trend that is quickly taking over in homes and businesses all around the world. Interlocking shapes add visual interest without feeling gaudy or excessive. Used as backsplash or for a statement wall, these shapes can make an otherwise bland room instantly feel dressy. Learn more about the appeal of interlocking shapes in the world of tile -- and how you can successfully incorporate this trend in your home.

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Spotlight on Matter Planning + Design: Putting Clients First

Posted on Oct 03, 2018 in Insider

Boasting over three decades of expertise in creative, technical, and management pursuits, Matter Planning + Design's team has an impressive history in a rapidly-changing industry. It all began when Noelle Hernandez's family moved to Aspen, where she quickly became involved with an addition project at her daughter's school. She wound up managing the entire project -- and she realized that she had a natural talent and passion for design.

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Meet the Founder: Margot Hampleman’s Decorative Materials Journey

Posted on Sep 05, 2018 in Insider

At the helm of every great company lies a passionate and driven individual. At Decorative Materials, that person is our founder, Margot Hampleman.

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Making a Bold Tile Statement

Posted on Aug 29, 2018 in Tile Trends

You love to experiment with new tile trends - but that little voice in your head warns you that bold looks could quickly go out of style. Ideally, you can balance your love of statement tile with your desire for practicality and long-term style. Textured tile and stone provides such an opportunity, all while adding dimension to interior spaces. A versatile trend, texture can serve a variety of purposes and capture nearly any aesthetic you desire.

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Recap and Insights from Dialogue in Design

Posted on Aug 23, 2018 in Expert Advice

On July 25th and 26th, Decorative Materials had the pleasure of hosting a short series of Dialogue in Design events at our Edwards and Basalt locations. Presented by the Denver Design Center in partnership with the American Society of Interior Designers, these panel discussions were appropriately named "Designerista's Style Manner."

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Don’t Make Me Blush: Pink Tiles Are Having a Moment

Posted on Aug 13, 2018 in Bathroom Tile, Tile Trends

Several trends made us sit up and take notice at the recent Salone de Mobile Milano. We were especially inspired by Artemest's Stranger Pinks event. It's just one example of the many contexts in which blush is having its moment in the sun. This beloved color was also a dominant force at the Cersaie tile exhibition as well as Coverings.

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Timeless and On Trend: Marble’s Well-Deserved Takeover

Posted on Aug 06, 2018 in Tile Trends

The ultimate classic design, marble has evoked elegance for millennia. Ancient Greeks adored marble, to the point that the design prompted several of the society's most revered looks.

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Thick Porcelain Tile: The Perfect Solution for Your Patio

Posted on Jul 30, 2018 in Tile Trends, Expert Advice

The good life awaits on your patio. Increasingly viewed as a livable space, a carefully designed patio allows you to embrace the natural world while remaining comfortable.

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A New Take on Rustic: Refining a Classic Tile

Posted on Jul 23, 2018 in Rustic Elegance, Tile Trends

From international exhibitions to client demands from our Aspen tile showroom, it's clear that rustic is on the rise. We see it in furniture, decor, and even on the runway. But rustic in 2018 doesn't look exactly like the log cabin stereotype you might initially picture. In keeping with the current 'less is more' mantra, today's take on rustic is slightly refined. If you're intrigued by the idea of rustic but worried about falling out of style when new trends inevitably emerge, be comforted: done right, rustic looks timeless and refined.

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