The Best of Coverings 2024

Jun 05, 2024

Coverings never fails to impress, and this year was certainly no exception! As we embarked on our latest journey to the trade show, we were eager to delve into the world of tile and stone – a subject near and dear to our hearts.

Join us as we uncover the most exciting highlights and key insights from Coverings 2024 in this detailed blog post. We'll take a deep dive into the emerging trends and captivating styles that are set to make a splash in the industry in the upcoming year. Get ready to be inspired by the innovative designs and cutting-edge creations that we encountered at this year's show!

Tile Person of the Year

We would be remiss if we didn't start off by congratulating Vail Valley's very own, Elizabeth Lambert of Lambert Tile & Stone, on being named Tile Person of the Year by The National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA)!

Elizabeth was honored for her outstanding contributions to the tile industry, becoming the fourth woman in NTCA's 77-year history to achieve this prestigious recognition. As a trailblazer in a traditionally male-dominated field, she has worked alongside industry pioneers to champion meaningful progress and empowerment for women within the industry.

We are delighted to have Elizabeth as a valued partner and are thrilled to celebrate her well-deserved recognition!

Key Exhibits and Product Highlights

The Coverings 2024 trade show showcased a wide range of key exhibitors and their product innovations. Among the array of impressive products on display, there were a few in particular that really captured our attention:

Riviera 1

There's something we've always loved about Vanilla Onyx and Thassos together. This design is refined and elegant. It's detailed without being overpowering. The Riviera water-jet is available in 2 additional colorways as well - White Silk with Thassos and Calacatta Viola with White Elegant Select - and custom combinations are always an option too. This mosaic showcases a delicate and intricate design. The design features sweeping arches that intertwine, seamlessly harmonizing organic elements with a modern aesthetic.

Riviera 1. WJ10 White Thassos Marble Honed w Vanilla Vein-cut Onyx Polished Mosaic (4)

Stunning Stones

Corinthian Beige, Verde Esme and Calacatta Viola were all natural stones that caught our eye at Coverings. Calacatta Viola truly embodies the essence of nature's masterpiece, with its veining showcasing the passage of time through a mesmerizing display of color rivers. These new stone introductions seamlessly blend with the ongoing traditional style trend, offering a modern interpretation of classic stone hues. Additionally, mosaic options are also available featuring these captivating stones.

Numidia Collection

Coming soon to our showrooms, the Numidia Collection is similar to the beloved Baba Chic line that we know and love, but with a quicker lead time and a more budget-friendly price point. With the same level of sophistication and style as Baba Chic, Numidia offers an even more accessible option for historically inspired Tunisian mosaic patterns. Stay tuned for the launch of this exciting collection, as it promises to bring the same level of design excellence at a more affordable price.

Numidia Collection Boards Coverings 2024 Show NBS

Nordic and Eastern Design Influences

Nordic and Eastern design influences were prominent at the Coverings 2024 trade show. This design style, known as Japandi design, draws inspiration from the rich heritage and cultural traditions of the Japanese and Scandinavian regions.

Japandi style is the East-meets-West design movement that blends Japanese artistic elements with Scandinavian comfort. It is a fusion of the wabi sabi and hygge philosophies. The combination of these aesthetics creates a look focused on simplicity, nature, warmth, and sustainability.

The presence of Japandi design was undeniable across the showcased products at the show. From ceramics to stone, a clear focus on natural shapes and materials, soothing earthy color schemes, and globally influenced design elements stood out to us. Overall, the Nordic and Eastern design influences seen in the tile and stone displays at Coverings offer a fresh perspective.

Japandi 1
Naomi collection up close
nagomi collection boards coverings 2024
asymmetric floor pad wow coverings 2024

Asymmetric Aesthetics

Asymmetric aesthetics were a notable trend at Coverings 2024. Designers and manufacturers embraced the beauty of asymmetry, creating products that challenged traditional notions of balance and symmetry.

The use of irregular shapes, unexpected angles, and unconventional patterns added visual interest and intrigue to the showcased products. Asymmetric aesthetics allow for more dynamic and playful designs, softening graphic geometric lines and making each piece a statement on its own. These pieces often embrace delicate contrasts to create serenity, which promotes meditation and stress reduction.

Whether it was a mosaic tile with a non-uniform arrangement or a decorative ceramic or porcelain, these asymmetric designs have the ability to add a sense of uniqueness and individuality to any space.

Parallel Bars

wow potters bars coverings 2024
fireplace stone parallel bars coverings 2024
dune collection parallel bars coverings 2024
parallel bars coverings 2024

One of the standout trends at the show was the prevalence of parallel bars in tile design. Whether stacked vertically or horizontally, this pattern made a strong statement with its sleek and modern aesthetic. Offering more movement and visual interest than traditional subway tile, parallel bars can add a dynamic touch to any space while maintaining a sense of uniformity.

The versatility of parallel bars allows for endless design possibilities, from creating a sense of height in a room to adding a contemporary edge to a classic space. With its clean lines and geometric appeal, this look was a signature style of this year's show. As designers continue to explore innovative ways to incorporate this trend, we can expect to see parallel bars making a lasting impression in the world of tile and stone for years to come.

Embracing Vibrant Hues

Gone are the days of sterile all-white interiors. Bold and vibrant hues stole the spotlight at the trade show, affirming the enduring presence of color in design. Whether showcased in subtle watercolor tones or daring, saturated shades, exhibitors displayed a diverse selection of tiles in vivid colors.

From deep blues and lush greens to fiery reds and sunny yellows, these vibrant offerings inject a dynamic sense of vitality and zest into any space. The use of vibrant hues allows for endless creative possibilities, enabling designers to create visually striking and memorable interiors.

Color isn't going anywhere, and whether you aim to showcase a single accent piece or cover an entire wall in vibrant tiles, the array of colorful options available in tile is boundless for the foreseeable future.

carmen collection coverings 2024
tonalite colors coverings 2024
nbs iznik collection coverings 2024
coverings 2024 saturated watercolor ceramics
coverings 2024 nbs blue tile shower
mediterranean collection coverings 2024
bespoke studio zellige mosaic boards and borders coverings 2024

Time-Worn Charm

Time-worn charm was a prevailing trend amongst vendors this year. Manufacturers explored the beauty of aged and weathered materials, creating products that exude a sense of history and character.

The use of distressed finishes, antique patinas, and worn textures adds a unique charm and warmth to hard surfaces. Whether it was a textured porcelain or a tumbled stone with an aged appearance, these time-worn designs created a nostalgic and inviting atmosphere.

Time-worn finishes allow for the creation of spaces that feel lived-in and loved, evoking a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Revival of Traditional Designs

Haussmann traditional mosaic boards coverings 2024
checkerboard stone blue and white coverings 2024
octagon and dot classic mosaic boards coverings 2024
unique green and white checkerboard tile coverings 2024
Haussmann traditional checkerboard mosaic boards coverings 2024

The Coverings 2024 trade show showcased a revival of traditional designs. Vendors drew inspiration from classic motifs, patterns, and styles, giving them a contemporary twist.

Traditional designs, such as the classic checkerboard, octagon-and-dot, and versailles patterns were reimagined and reintroduced in fresh and exciting ways. New finishes, sizes, and color combinations, breathe life into these age-old patterns.

These design staples add a sense of elegance and sophistication to any product, while remaining relevant. The resurgence of traditional designs we saw at the show highlights the enduring appeal of these timeless aesthetics.

Textured and Dimensional Tiles

The allure of dimensional and textured tiles, spanning from porcelain to stone to ceramic, remains a steadfast trend in the industry, as demonstrated at Coverings. These tiles not only add depth and visual interest to any space but also provide a tactile experience that engages the senses. From rough-hewn natural stone textures to intricately patterned ceramic designs, the versatility of dimensional and textured tiles allows for endless creative possibilities in both residential and commercial settings.

Our clients have shown immense interest in textured porcelains, especially for applications like steam showers. The advancements in technology have elevated the quality of textured porcelains, resulting in truly stunning products that bring a stylish touch to any environment.

textured dimensional porcelain coverings 2024
nbs pink green and cream dimensional ceramic tile collection coverings 2024
textured colorful porcelain hex and decorative field tile coverings 2024
windy textured circle porcelain coverings 2024
dimensional stone parallel bars coverings 2024
decorative textured porcelain and watercolor blue and white porcelain coverings 2024

Exploring the Latest Trends in Tile and Stone at Decorative Materials

Our experience at Coverings 2024 was truly a treasure trove of the latest trends in interior design, as we immersed ourselves in the world of tile and stone. The exhibitors unveiled a captivating array of products that epitomized the forefront of innovation and the emergence of styles that are shaping the industry.

Discover the latest trends and fresh product offerings at Decorative Materials to stay at the forefront of design. Book an appointment at one of our Colorado tile stores and uncover how you can seamlessly integrate the most innovative and stylish products into your upcoming projects.