Meet Luxe Style Makers, Julep Tile

Sep 14, 2015

 Luxe Interiors + Design Cover


Meet Luxe Style Makers, Kirsten & Peter Sharp of Julep Tile. Kirsten entered the doors of Decorative Materials years ago and we knew it was a perfect match. Her passion for thoughtful patterns combined with exquisite glazes perfectly translated into tile is something we don’t see every day.


Julep Tile


“The tiles, offered through Decorative Materials, evoke an almost textile-like finish when installed and sport a range of classic motifs. When it comes to inspiration, Kirsten has found it everywhere, from a brocade swatch picked up in Montmartre to stained glass inside a Worcestershire church.” – Luxe Magazine

Julep Tile Co-Hiser Designsm

Julep Tile Co

Pictured above, the Brocade design was influenced by the intricate patterns found in the fabric district of Montmartre in Paris.

“If our tile can help inspire someone’s grand vision for their space, I think we’ve done our job.” –Kirsten Sharp, Julep Tile


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