Message From Margot: We Love Large Format Materials

Jun 02, 2015

Do you love large format materials as much as I do? We’ve recently started stocking ZeroDesign in a 24”x48” pattern which I fell in love with at Cerasie in Bologna, Italy.

Clients are picking this product up from our warehouse daily and installation is a KEY component when specifying large format material. With the increasing popularity of large format tiles, please check with your contractor for a labor estimate for installing tiles that start at 24 x48 & 24 x 24.  The larger the tile, the more costly it is to install, often it takes two installers. Be sure to discuss the size of the product with your installer so there are no surprises. A consistently level floor is also critcial.

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We also recommend setting large format tiles straight, random or with a 33% offset. Never set these materials with a 50% offset as lippage can be unsightly!

Our collection features cost effective beautfiul porcelains from Italy sized at 18x36, 36x36, and 24x48, however beware of the increased installation costs.  This trend of large tiles is here to stay!

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