Achieving New Heights with Your Backsplash

Dec 03, 2019

Kitchens are constantly evolving. Today, open-concept designs reign supreme, as do large islands equipped with ample storage space. Further developments are in store, including a greater emphasis on the backsplash.

The kitchen backsplash designs of tomorrow will be bolder and brighter — and more extensive. After all, no set rule demands that this key feature only extend as far as eye level. Hence, homeowners' increasing willingness to experiment with ceiling-height backsplash. Sometimes referred to as full backsplash, this bold look certainly packs a punch.

Appeal of the Design

Ceiling-height backsplash makes for the perfect kitchen focal point. It's impossible to  miss an expansive backsplash — particularly if it features a bold or daring pattern. Even traditional patterns, however, can achieve a fresh feel when backsplash is extended beyond its usual height.

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Regardless of the pattern, a full backsplash provides a tidy look that instantly ties any kitchen together. Designs featuring this backsplash trend instantly come across as more cohesive.

While full backsplash provides plenty of aesthetic appeal in modern kitchens, its benefits certainly don't end there. As with any backsplash, this feature offers a valuable element of protection, guarding walls from moisture and other sources of damage that can easily cause harm in kitchen environments. While this damage is most likely to occur at lower levels, it can still happen above eye level. With full backsplash, however, an additional element of durability exists.

Ideal Scenarios

A variety of options make it possible to seamlessly integrate full backsplash into your kitchen. Not sure where to start? Keep an eye out for the following features, which lend themselves particularly well to ceiling-height backsplash.

Large Windows

If you're lucky enough to have multiple windows in your kitchen, you'll enjoy not only a gorgeous view, but also plenty of natural sunlight to grant your space an open feel. If you're like many homeowners, however, the space in between these windows remains woefully underutilized. Full backsplash provides the perfect complement to already gorgeous windows, with even narrow strips bringing new life to a critical space that should not be ignored.

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Likewise, the area above or below a single window may call for additional ornamentation. An extra strip of backsplash can be implemented to make the most of this space, while also providing a cohesive element to tie the rest of the kitchen together.

Open Shelving

Open shelving provides flexible storage space. It also transforms kitchen tools and dishware into surprisingly attractive decor. This trend paves the way for bolder backsplash designs, which no longer need to be restricted by traditional kitchen cabinets. Extended beyond eye level, backsplash can showcase the modern look of open shelving, regardless of which items are ultimately stored on those shelves.

if you're looking for a simple way to go beyond the expected and bring cutting-edge style to your kitchen, look no further than your backsplash. By simply extending it an extra few feet, you can transform your entire kitchen environment. A little extra backsplash could provide the bold design you desire in your dream kitchen, so don't be afraid to go beyond the expected.

Ready to make the most of full backsplash or other emerging kitchen tile trends? Further inspiration is available in our guide to Tile Trends from Around the World, where you'll find a variety of intriguing ideas to get you on the path to your dream backsplash design. If you prefer to see your favorite styles in person, don't hesitate to stop by one of our tile showrooms. Otherwise, feel free to contact us online to learn how we help you achieve your vision of the perfect tile design.

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