RUSTIC RENOVATION with The Bachelorette

Feb 05, 2016


Rustic Kitchen Renovation

The Bachelorette favorites Ryan and Trista Sutter are taking their love of renovation to Colorado's log cabins. In this project they help soon-to-be parents find and renovate their very own slice of the Colorado Mountains. Check out the finished renovation.” – David L. Haynes

Decorative Materials was invited to collaborate with HGTV on the project to make the kitchen and bathroom in this Vail area cabin extraordinary spaces.

Rustic Kitchen Renovation

Trista's design plan took inspiration from the outdoor surroundings, deliberately bringing colors and themes of the natural surroundings indoors. A muted but rich blue was key in the color palette and reflective of the clear blue Colorado skies.” – David L. Haynes 

After Kitchen Renovation

After Kitchen Renovation

Before and After Kitchen Renovation

Image: Before & After 

The Colorado blue ceramic tile backsplash was a unique and refreshing request and was supplied by the team at Sonoma Tilemakers.

Rustic Bathroom Renovation

Rustic Bathroom Renovation

European encaustic tile | Bathroom Renovation

Hydraulic Grey Tile

 The avant-garde tile floor meant to replicate European encaustic tile from Artistic Tile was a perfect fit for this young couple. 

A huge thanks to Artistic Tile & Sonoma Tilemakers for making this project possible!

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