Style Guide: Rustic Elegance

Jun 11, 2015

You know the style.  If you’ve ever wanted to move in to one of the Restoration Hardware layouts, or order up a cozy Bavarian chalet or even step into certain pages of historical fiction it’s rustic elegance that calls out to us.  How do you define it?  Not sure, but we know it when we see it.  

Still, when designing interiors toward that style it helps to possess a list. And, we want to find the ragged edge between shabby and refined that pinpoints the idea.  Let's parse it out and find some commonalities.


  • Sparkle
  • Luxury
  • Refined
  • Vintage or modern
  • Muted colors, white or black
  • Old world

We love the hard surface elements that build the bones of a classic space. Rustic elegance conjures images of historic ideals but today’s innovative designs and materials in tile and stone give us the quality and look our ancestors would have loved!

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