Trickling Patterns: Flooring Blended Together

Nov 20, 2019

At Decorative Materials, we are consistently amazed by the revolutionary concepts at play in today's most fascinating designs. Just when we think tile designs can't get any bolder or more creative, we observe intriguing new ideas with the potential to shake up interior design as we know it.

The perfect example: trickling patterns, which can bring together separate materials while making a statement. This exciting concept is already making its mark — and we expect to see it up the ante in years to come.

What Do Trickling Patterns Look Like?

Denver Life BathroomTraditionally, a single type of flooring has taken over an entire room, or, at least, a notable portion of each room. Under this approach, flooring only transitions with the presence of a wall, counter, or, at minimum, a clear distinction created by a straight line. This approach can feel unnecessarily abrupt and is sometimes ill-suited to the sophisticated open concept designs that dominate today's homes, apartments, and other interior spaces.

With trickling patterns, a clean line is not needed to divide living areas or allow for multiple types of flooring. Rather, different styles can be gradually blended together. This creates a beautiful flow from one area to the next, all while opening the door to a variety of creative design concepts.

Gaining Momentum: Why Trickling Styles are Taking Over 

Trickling tiles are quickly taking over in homes, shops, and other settings throughout the United States — and all around the world. Much of this trend's current popularity derives from its sheer versatility. While some materials and shapes take better to trickling than others, this approach can be applied to a vast array of styles, colors, and textures. Recover Aparici

Trickled patterns are particularly beloved among indecisive types, who struggle to choose just one look. If, for example, you adore both hardwood and stone, you no longer need to choose between the two. With a trickling design, you can make the most of both materials while also adding undeniable flair to your space.

A Great Transition Idea: Hexagon Tiles in Wood

If you're struggling to find the right pattern or material to incorporate into a trickled design, consider large hexagon tiles. These beautiful tiles have been in the spotlight for several years now — and thus far, we've been impressed by their staying power. Now, however, we're eager to see them take an exciting new turn, trickling into wood or bamboo flooring rather than taking over entire rooms.

Florim CollectionAlthough trickled hexagon tiles can prove visually impressive in a variety of spaces, this look is best suited to larger rooms that call for bold concepts. For additional visual interest, consider hexagon tiles in contrasting colors, which can bring delightful graphics into what will quickly become your favorite room.

Whether you love the idea of trickling patterns or prefer a more traditional approach, you will be impressed by the range of tile designs on display at our Decorative Materials showrooms — and in our 2019 Product Lookbook. If you're ready to make the most of today's exciting tile designs, contact us for more information.

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