3 Bathroom Design Tips Inspired by Tile and Marble

May 20, 2015


Colorado Homes & Lifestyles Magazine recently featured Kirsten Schmit of Decorative Materials in an article devoted to bold bathroom design. The story focuses on “timeless bath designs inspired by tile and marble,” and Schmit's insights—along with a handful of very talented designers—is definitely worth reading.

"I wanted the floor to be the major statement here—bold yet timeless,” says Schmit. “I kept the rest of the room calm to let the floor sparkle.” To accompany the Sicis Mosaic floor, she selected subtly patterned Valley Gold Vein marble from Marble, Colorado, for the countertops and walk-in steam shower. 

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3 Bathroom Design Tips Inspired by Tile and Marble from Kirsten Schmit of Decorative Materials:

  1. Finding inspiration in tile and investing in the perfect product is a great starting point for the design process. Remember, tile is a permanent finish, so give yourself time to find the products you love.

  2. The most innovative products on the market combine glass, stone and metal through waterjet cutting techniques. This creates a seamless and on trend patterned look.

  3. A popular stone tile trend right now is texture. Marbles and limestones are shown carved with raised, three-dimensional patterns. This innovative technique is intriguing to watch develop. 

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