Recap and Insights from Dialogue in Design

Aug 23, 2018

On July 25th and 26th, Decorative Materials had the pleasure of hosting a short series of Dialogue in Design events at our Edwards and Basalt locations. Presented by the Denver Design Center in partnership with the American Society of Interior Designers, these panel discussions were appropriately named "Designerista's Style Manner."

While Dialogue in Design events explore a variety of topics, "Designerista's Style Manner" was all about the role fashion plays in design. The goal? To determine if, in reality, designers are fashionistas at heart. Panelists shared their honest opinions about whether (and to what extent) they follow trends, and which types of trends are most influential in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region.

stone floor with patina

Collaborative Discussion Questions

During the "Designerista's Style Manner" edition of Dialogue in Design, panel members were asked a variety of questions in hopes of gaining insight into the latest styles -- and how they play out on a regional level. Specifically, the panel shared ideas based on the following discussion topics:

  • Are we in the fashion business?
  • Or do you consider yourself not trendy, and will it date the house in a short few years?
  • Is there a predominant style in the Rocky Mountain Region and if so, what is it?
  • What style are you loving today? What are your clients asking for?
  • Just like hemlines, design styles do change over time…What style is trending up and down in our region?
  • Do you have a basic style compass that you gravitate to? One that defines your own personal style?
  • Does your portfolio reflect your vision today? Is your style relevant today?
  • Or are you out of sync with today’s styles – the style new clients are asking for?
  • Can a designer accommodate and truly embrace all styles for all clients?

Trending Insights + Questions Answered

As always, the participants offered some amazing insights into the design industry, and more specifically, the role fashion trends play in their work. We learned a lot and we're eager to share these insights!

casual living space

Encouraging Togetherness

Today's homeowners and business owners favor fluid spaces that encourage a sense of community. The 'ideal' room can play multiple roles. For example: the predominant open kitchen and living room, where family members in each 'room' can continue to interact despite pursuing separate activities. Open spaces may seem casual, but they can easily be dressed up for special occasions.

casual living space 2

Image from Lynni Hutton

Formal is on the Way Out

wood floor with patina

Don't get too caught up with what people say on HGTV shows; most people don't want the hassle of maintaining formal rooms they rarely use. Formal dining rooms are quickly disappearing. Even formal open concept areas are less popular in the past; most homeowners desire attractive designs that are still suitable for kids and pets. Duraibility is key!

Hygge Life

Hygge design

A concept we encountered over and over again at the recent Dialogue in Design? Hygge. This Danish idea is making waves throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region. Pronounced 'hoo-ga',' it can be a difficult idea to translate into English - so of course it inspired an intriguing discussion for our panel of designers. They agreed that the concept centers on coziness.

Hygge Design 2

Hygge is best understood not through a definition, but by imagining a scenario. For example: think of a cold, snowy day. You've just come in from shoveling or building a snowman. You prepare a cup of hot cocoa, put on your comfiest sweater, and relax with a good book in your favorite armchair - perhaps by a glowing fire. That is what hygge feels like. In Denmark, this idea is evoked not only through activities, but also style. For interior design, that could mean incorporating soft materials or textured tiles that appear and are cozy.

Hygge Design 3

Color Palettes Are Warming Up

Neutrals have dominated homes for years. That's slowly changing. Experts at Dialogue in Design expect grays to become warmer. Neutral will still remain at the center of modern interior design, but a warmer, more hygge-like brand of neutral is about to take over.

Design Changes, Just Like Fashion

Specifically, one expert from Dialogue in Design compared design updates to changes in hemlines. Both are bound to evolve over time - like it or not.

One of the most memorable quotes of the day: "As you evolve, your tastes evolve." Yes, many designers keep up with trends, but their portfolios also change according to their personal tastes and developments in their everyday lives. What looks amazing to a designer early in his or her career may not be viewed as favorably with time. This gradual evolution is what keeps fashion - and interior design - so interesting.

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We're thankful for the amazing insights offered by some of the interior design industry's most talented and passionate individuals. From hygge to warm neutrals, there is a lot to look forward to in both fashion and interior design.

Ready to learn more about the intersection of interior design and fashion? Whether you prefer new trends or classic aesthetics, you'll find plenty to love in our Inspiration Gallery. Be sure to check out our tile designs in person at our showroom. Contact us today for more information.