Award Winning Interior Design by Anne Grice Interiors

Jul 02, 2015

We love when our talented clients are recognized for their hard earned work. The team at Anne Grice Interiors has become a staple in the Aspen design community, and this proves why! Anne Grice Interiors recently placed FIRST for this Aspen Bathroom Remodel by the Home Builders Association.

“One of our favorite design features of this winning master bathroom is the tile. This photo shows a matchstick marble tile used for the accent walls (back wall of tub and behind mirror). This adds texture while maintaining the clean-lined aesthetic our client loves.” –Anne Grice

"This glass enclosed "wet-room" concept is a solution to fitting a tub and two showerheads into a narrow space. The porcelain tile that covers the floor has a natural stone look with a non-slip texture." -Anne Grice

Anne's creative storage niches simply blend into the space and often include LED lighting.

"The window was added at just the right height to maintain privacy but allow for a beautiful view of the Cirque Ridge at the Snowmass Ski Area and provides great natural light." -Anne Grice

We love Anne's ability to gracefully combine a porcelain floor with an exquisite clean lined stone mosaic.

Tatami Mosaic and Walks Porcelain provided by Decorative Materials, Anne's "favorite stone, bath and tile vendor in the Aspen area."


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