Calming Hues for Peaceful Serenity

Sep 01, 2021

If you feel frazzled these days, you’re certainly not alone. Between the pandemic, political unrest, and economic uncertainty, it should come as no surprise that anxiety is at an all-time high. 

Today’s environmental stressors may feel difficult to escape, but it’s still possible to find respite. Design can play an important role in reducing the mental burden we face on a daily basis. A few simple aesthetic changes can bring about a sense of calm. Lightly hued tile, in particular, promises to shift the dynamic when a peaceful escape from reality is most needed.

Moon Cosmati Light

The Calmest Colors

Have you ever noticed that certain colors deliver energy and excitement, while others almost instantaneously promote a meditative state? When possible, integrate these colors to produce a wonderfully serene environment:

Soft Pink

Encaustic Flower Rosa

Research demonstrates that pink evokes a calm reaction. In one especially notable study conducted by a director at the American Institute for Biosocial Research, erratic behavior fell dramatically among inmates exposed to pink walls. 

Pink tiles can feel like a risk for serene spaces, as it’s easy to cross the line into kitsch or even tackiness. Softer shades, however, avoid this problem — particularly if paired with calming neutrals. Encaustic designs, for example, are ideal for integrating soft pinks in the most peaceful manner possible.

Muted Green

Cippolino Marble Slab

Reflecting lush plant life, muted shades of green bring the tranquility of nature indoors. We adore Cippolino, which, despite its understated take on muted and deep greens, creates a clear visual impact with its dramatic swirls. Quarried from the Apuan Alps, this unique marble manages to span the divide between subtle and ornamental.


Inherently relaxing, blue evokes the careless feel of a day at the beach or pool. Research actually verifies that blue has a discerning effect on mindset. In a study from The Journal of Business Research, for example, shoppers claimed that stores with blue interiors were significantly more likable.

Azul Cielo Field Tile

Our favorite example of the power of light blue: Artistic Tile’s Azul Cielo. Harkening from South America, this lovely style promotes an airy, lighthearted feel that can work wonders in a spa-like environment. 

The Best Materials for Serene Tiles

Certain materials are better suited to peaceful environments than others. While calming shades appear naturally in certain types of stone, some people prefer the precise nature of ceramic or the luminous appearance of glass. If you plan to integrate one of the shades mentioned above into a calming space, opt for one of these essentials:


Ceramic tiles appeal to anyone with a specific vision for a given space. Simply playing with chemistry makes it possible to produce spot-on colors. This level of precision may be difficult to achieve with other materials. If opting for ceramic, think carefully about glaze finishes, as these can impact whether tiles reach their full calming potential.


Gorgeous glass tiles are available in a wide variety of colors, including several calming shades. Translucent glass can instantly make spaces seem larger and brighter. Glass tiles are also desirable from a practical perspective, as they’re eco-friendly and easy to clean.


Rosa Portogallo Polished

Natural sophistication makes stone an excellent option for establishing a tranquil, yet upscale environment. Marble, in particular, comes to mind. Often featured heavily within spas, marble is available in a surprisingly diverse array of colors. Options such as Rosa Portogallo and Cippolino are simultaneously dazzling and soothing.

The Colors of Calm at Decorative Materials

At Decorative Materials, we believe strongly in the power of interior design to improve wellbeing. Serene styles are among our top design objectives in 2021, as seen in our Tile Trends Forecast

If you visit one of our showrooms, you can experience for yourself the calming vibes that strategic color selection can deliver. Call or email today to schedule your appointment.