Hot Tile Picks: 15 Kitchen Backsplashes You Will Love

Feb 16, 2017

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Whether it is a tile, stone, art glass or even a simple design that stands out in its modesty, a backsplash gives a kitchen an aesthetic signature. An elaborate backsplash can serve as the centerpiece itself. However, the success of a kitchen backsplash, no matter its design, is a product of the materials chosen. Not only are the colors and patterns in the tile essential, so are the shapes of the tiles themselves. Down to the finest detail, every aspect of a backsplash is noticed.

If you are looking for inspiration, here are 15 kitchen tile backsplash ideas you will love.

1. Modestly Refined

Backsplash1.pngThe pattern of the Artistic Tile Toledo backsplash — two sizes of offset, corner-balanced squares — softens the line-heavy motif of this refined kitchen by bringing out the curves of the hood and the Salisbury patterns in the white granite. The matching cabinet panes above justify its contrast.





2. Rustic Elegance

backsplash2.pngThe intensity of the bold rustic colors and the busy pattern of the KJ Patterson handmade/ hand painted ceramic backsplash tile move your eyes around the kitchen without being harsh. Serving as the centerpiece of the kitchen, the backsplash accentuates the color and texture differences in the two-countertop marbles.





3. Magnificent

backsplash3.pngThis Artistic Tile backsplash adds elegance to the majestic but stoic contrast between the black wooden cabinets, lightly patterned, white-marble countertops, and the utilitarian stainless steel stove. The slopes, curves and sweeps of the backsplash pattern give a gentile softness to the aggressiveness of this Spartan kitchen.




4. Daring

baksplash4.pngMaking an elementary, two-color, three-stroke design daring with a courageous neutral tone — Aegean blue — the Porcellana 8X24 glossy ceramic backsplash adds width and depth to an already spacious kitchen. The backsplash emphasizes the deep, broad drawers and the full under-counter cabinet doors.





5. Outstanding

backsplash5.pngA striking divergence from the all-white cabinetry, hood and skylight setting, the four-color Allison Eden Studios Burburry Plaid pattern transitions the eyes perfectly from the ceiling and walls to the hardwood floor, black granite kitchen table and elevated wood dining chairs.






6. Celestial

backsplash6.pngThe soft-diamond shapes in the tile mosaic of this Artistic Tile Toledo backsplash immediately capture, then drift attention to the splendor of the cinnamon marble countertop slab and the tawny countertops. The downy curvature of the tile and arch offset an otherwise linear design.





7. Graceful

backsplash7.pngA kitchen filled with parallels is emboldened by a Allison Eden Studios backsplash of strict horizontal tiles, yet the backsplash takes apart the potential of over-uniformity with broken vertical intervals. The white-grey shaded browns and translucent blacks of the backsplash tiles work to bring out the grains and patterns in the marble countertop slab and arched hood.




8. Illuminating

backsplash8.pngA backsplash of tall, narrow diamond-shaped tiles illustrates the height and depth of the kitchen with earth tones that complement the copper-colored marble countertop slab. The custom Artistic tile treble in la leaf glass's reflective finish furthers the size of the kitchen, while the white grout lightens it as well as helping to divert the eyes to the two-tone cream of the hood.




9. Stately

backsplash9.pngThe grandeur of the large, sweeping hood over the stove is tempered by a white tile backsplash with a mosaic inlay. While forward, this Mosaique Surface Majestic Grande tile backsplash works well to feature the heavily patterned marble of the countertops and spotlight the deep, dark brown of the kitchen's cabinetry.




10. Contrarian


More than a centerpiece, this New Ravenna Castile backsplash is the feature element of a modern-minimalist kitchen. The simplicity of shelving instead of cabinets and the uniformity of monochrome countertops allow the audacity of this backsplash to flavor the austere design of this kitchen.



11. Luxurious

backsplash11.pngA gallant silver tiling overprinted with large white-flower patterns allows this backsplash to subdue the potentially overwhelming whiteness of this kitchen and stress its Victorian-Colonial curves. A perfect complement of the white granite countertops, this New Ravenna Kingston tile backsplash is the definition of kitchen centerpiece.



12. Fancy

Optimized-backsplash12.jpgIn a kitchen montage of shapes, colors, patterns, lines, curves and borders, this Waterjet Custom Mosaic Stone and Terracotta backsplash is bold enough to take center stage in a space where every element jumps for attention. The podium frame of the backsplash works to highlight the vase and floral arrangement embedded in the tile without requiring a contrast in colors.




13. Opulent

Optimized-backsplash13.jpgResembling stained glass, this Mosaic surface backsplash is forward in both color and pattern as well as design. Noticeably heavy grout lines add to the uniqueness of this backsplash, yet nothing about it is so specific as to exclude it from being appropriate, regardless of the setting. This backsplash can work in a variety of kitchen designs without ever seeming out of place.


14. Chic

backsplash14 .pngThis playful and chic Artistic Tile Claridges backsplash works hard and is exceptionally effective at bringing out the magnificent blues and grays of the island's striated granite top. With sweeping curved grout lines, the tiles of the backsplash soften the feel of the kitchen's dominant white uniformity and stern straight lines.


15. Mesmerizing

Optimized-backsplash15.jpgThe symmetry of the AKDO Origami Stone Mosaic tiles in this backsplash makes it ideal for a kitchen with minimalist intentions. The eye-popping fades to center are spicy enough — though all in shades of gray — to give a kitchen the post-modern confidence.



For more tile design ideas, explore our Tile Inspiration Gallery. Are you inspired by these kitchen backsplashes? Contact us today!

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