Top Color Palettes for 2022

Dec 22, 2021

Decorative trends come and go at a dizzying pace, but against all odds, one style has consistently dominated the interior design world for nearly two decades: all white, all the time. 

The appeal is clear: white visually expands small spaces while providing a crisp and clean aesthetic. At this point, however, we're ready for a change. 

Christie Del Ciotto – former ASID Colorado president and current Sherwin-Williams Designer Account Executive – puts it best: “We are letting go of white.”  

Yes, this means emerging from our comfort zone. Don't worry: the excitement of exploring new palettes and design materials should make this transition a bit easier. Look to the top Sherwin-Williams collections of 2022 to usher in a new era of vibrant, yet serene styles. 


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Gentle and calming, this earthy collection of colors promises to deliver the calm we so desperately need after a tumultuous 2021. Within this peaceful aesthetic, however, lies a hint of flair, inspired by both iconic 1920s art deco and vivid 1980s postmodernism.  

Several noteworthy shades can be found within the Method palette, including Evergreen Fog – the Sherwin-Williams 2022 Color of the Year. According to Christie, this “chameleon color” serves as a “subtle, yet stunning statement shade.”  


  • Zuni 4. Organic shapes bring comfort to the dynamic display of Zuni 4 terracotta, but also offer a burst of energy reminiscent of Method's postmodern vibes. 

  • Satin Terracotta. Another appealing terracotta option, this Delta Brick & Climate Company creation produces a cozy feel that works wonderfully alongside the Method palette's most comforting tones. 

  • Weave Café. Strategic installation grants this tile the flow of an expertly woven basket. Although they're constructed from concrete, these tiles are aligned vertically to create the impression of billowing fabric. 


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Dark jewel tones dominate in the glamorous Opus collection, which provides a taste of the dramatic. Inspired by the stage, this moody, yet theatrical blend of hues draws on the power of modern maximalism — a concept exemplified by ornate patterns and saturated colors.  


  • Teju. Artistic Tile's exotic Teju tiles are inspired by the high fashion Teju leather from lizards. These are available in both bold and earthy tones that work in concert with the most eye-catching Opus hues. 

  • Gaslight Mirror. Another bold and exotic option from Artistic Tile, Gaslight Mirror offers a subtle sense of motion with its rippled textures, as well as a gorgeous shimmer to elevate any design. 

  • Excalibur Shield Knight. Perfect for a glam industrial space, the Excalibur Shield Knight mosaic by AKDO can be integrated into dramatically eclectic designs.  


Dare to dream with this uplifting collection, which offers all the optimism of garden blooms on a spring day. These colors draw on the concept of biomimicry, in which natural elements spark innovation. They're right at home within sustainable designs that bring the outside in. 

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  • Arabescato Orobico. Quarried from Italy's Brembana Valley, this gorgeous marble features grey veining that can both contrast and support the enchanting tones from the Dreamland collection. 

  • Cipollino Classico. Another breathtaking stone exemplified by exaggerated veining; the Italian word "cipollino translates to "little onion" — a fitting name given the beautiful layers of color that reveal themselves within the marble. 

  • Moon Cosmati. Go bold with a remarkable mosaic that pays homage to classic stone floors installed during the Middle Ages. Moon Cosmati's Light Multi colorway works best with Sherwin-Williams' Dreamland. 


If you adore all things midcentury modern, you will instantly fall in love with the Ephemera palette. Drawing on the best styles of a beloved era, this deeply nostalgic collection is chock full of evocative shades that, although muted, shine bright. 

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  • Zef Mustard. These enticing old-world tiles echo the cultural appeal of traditional Moroccan ceramics. This will bring an instant pop to any space adorned with the muted hues of the Ephemera collection. 

  • Witty Green Glossy Picket. These elongated tiles reimagine the classic hexagonal shape to bring an imaginative dose of contemporary style to midcentury-dominant aesthetics.  

Decorative Materials: Moving Towards a More Vibrant Future  

See something you liked? All suggested tile pairings are available through Decorative Materials. 

As you explore the top color palettes of 2022, think carefully about how you’ll integrate modern tile designs. The goal: a cohesive, yet eclectic look that ties multiple materials and decorations together to create a dynamic look. 

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