Trending Now: Artistic Collaborations to Look For

Jul 06, 2017


In addition to making spaces comfortable and functional, thoughtful attention to Interior Design elements can capture the attention and imagination of potential home buyers. From paint colors to fixed finishes, including unique colors and materials keep spaces fresh and inviting.

Among the many choices available to you as an interior designer or home design enthusiast, tile provides a distinct opportunity to infuse style, color and texture into a room or an overall house’s design. It is an influential element of interior design that is becoming more popular not only as a floor finish, but also as a covering for feature walls. In addition, tile can be used both to complement or to create atmosphere in a living space. With the wide range of materials, textures, patterns and colors available in tile, it can serve as a backdrop to reflect and emphasize more prominent design features of a room, or can stand out on its own as the main focus of a design, such as on a feature wall.

When it comes to current tile trends, the most popular choices are embraced for their unique versatility. In particular, styles that incorporate industrial and urban design are steadily gaining recognition with artists, interior designers and home buyers. The following tile options, the Diesel Living Collection and the Fragments Collection by Pierre Charpin, are two of the latest trending artistic collaborations. You’ll want to keep an eye out for these intriguing collaborative efforts, and consider using them for your upcoming interior design projects.

Diesel Living Collection


The Diesel Living Collection is the result of a collaboration between Iris Ceramica and Diesel Living, intended to bring a completely new style of Italian-made design. The partnership of two visionary organizations in their respective fields, the Diesel Living Collection their strengths in fashion and design to create surface coverings that meet the current demands for an urban-industrial style.

Started in 1961, Iris Ceramica has more than 50 years of experience in using innovative technologies to craft Italian-style ceramics that are durable, sustainable and compellingly distinct. Diesel Living, the other side of this one-of-a-kind collaboration, has made a name for itself as an iconic brand in the fashion industry with its innovative take on classic wardrobe components, from jeans and leather jackets to other clothing essentials and accessories.

The collaboration of these two brands has resulted in something entirely new in alternatives for wall and floor coverings. Iris Ceramica’s experience in tile design and Diesel Living’s fashion expertise blend into unexpected interior design treatments that stylishly reflect industrial appeal and vintage inspiration.

The expanded collections within the Diesel Living group employ a range of unexpected and even experimental materials to create unique looks, including concrete, leather, metal and glass. These materials are designed to be combined and recombined among themselves and with other textures to create 12 distinct moods that span a range of urban/industrial-style atmospheres for living spaces.

The modern industrial trend is particularly embodied in the collection’s glass looking tile design, which combines different textures to seamlessly and stylishly bring industrial glass into the home. Joined with metal and other materials, the glass looking tiles create a whole that has a much greater design impact than the individual parts. The unique high gloss glassy glaze truly gives the impression of real glass. Combined with coloration to indicate smoke stained window, Industrial Glass achieves a true industrial loft look.

Fragments by Pierre Charpin

Another trending collaboration to be on the watch for is Fragments by Pierre Charpin. Maison et Objet’s 2017 Designer of the Year, Charpin partnered with Ceramiche Piemme to develop an original line of ceramic floor and wall coverings that reflect his unique artistic style.


The artist devotes himself to a poetic form of minimalism that is expressed in secret garden of objects and furniture with an aura of grace. The Fragments collection is an extension of Charpin’s artistic portfolio, a reinterpretation of his trademark “small footprints” shape. The tile collection takes shape from the combination of different materials as part of the same design, using a unique treatment of wood and tile for the finished effect.

For its innovation and style, the Charpin’s collaboration with Ceramiche Piemme has become one of the best and most sought after collections debuted at Coverings 2017. This collection features multiple finishes and sizes in a range of congruent color palettes, including Milk, Cloud, Tan and Charcoal, which make it a versatile choice for many different applications. Textures such as resin, striated lines, glossy ceramic and wood in coordinating pallets make this collection highly versatile. Inspired by urban living, city life and traffic patterns, the Fragments Collection is a favorite among interior designers and homeowners alike.

These two artistic collaborations are just a few examples of the latest trends in interior design. To view more styles and design inspiration, come check out our stocked collection and explore our inspiration gallery. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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