Decorative Materials is Sponsoring a Freedom Service Dog

May 12, 2015

margot_and_cargoWe have very exciting news that will touch your heart: Decorative Materials is sponsoring a dog from Freedom Service!

Freedom Service Dogs (FSD) is a nonprofit that pairs people with disabilities by rescuing dogs and training the animals specifically for a client's needs. The lives of both the client and the dog are enhanced by this amazing organization! Clients that FSD serves include children and veterans, and their disabilities range from Autism, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to Spinal Cord Injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Muscular Dystrophy.

Freedom Service Dogs are trained to pick up items, open doors, pull wheelchairs, go for help, turn on lights, and 50 other commands. They also assist in programs for humane education, disabilities awareness, character development for at-risk youth, and rehabilitation therapy.

 Decorative Materials | Freedom Service Dogs

We announced this exciting sponsorship last week to coincide with a promise to match every dollar donated through the week. Thanks to the amazing generosity of our clients, partners, and staff, Decorative Materials raised over $4,700 which we will match dollar-for-dollar.

THANK YOU for donating! And, if you're inclined, you can still donate. Contributions can be taken all year.

We will be giving updates on FSD through November, and we will be giving our clients sneak previews into the world of training the Service Dog.

It costs about $25,000 to train a dog and no client is asked to pay for any of the training simply because most cannot afford it.


If you have any questions, please contact one of our showrooms. We love this organization, what they stand for, and what they do, and a percentage of our sales are donated to FSD to support their infrastructure.

Now, we will have our own Decorative Dog. We are very proud and excited to match a dog from a shelter with a vet or individual with a disability. Together they will give each other lifelong companionship, support, and love. 

Here’s how you can help:

  • $1,200 will sponsor our dog’s kennel. This will help cover the costs of food, shelter, cleaning and grooming.
  • $600 will outfit our dog. This will provide a crate, leash, bed, harness and toys for the entire time of training.
  • $336 will fund the rescue and initial medical care for our dog. This include initial medical exams, vaccinations, and the fees associated with rescuing our dog.
  • $100 will buy cleaning supplies for our dog. This will cover the cost of grooming well as his/her play yard, kennel and bed.
  • $50 will provide treats, tuggies and food for our dog for one month.