With as little as $55…

Oct 20, 2015

Breaking News! We’ve recently learned that Stellar will be placed with a client who lives in the beautiful Colorado Rockies!

In order for Stellar to best adapt to assisting a client in the mountains, Stellar and her trainer Cathy recently trained at Wilderness on Wheels. This innovative non-profit brings a unique outdoor experience to the disabled.

WOW - Wilderness On Wheels

Stellar at Wilderness on Wheels with Bingo

Stellar spent the day exploring wetland tundra along an 8-ft wide boardwalk that is wheelchair accessible.

Stellar holding leash at WOW

It is critical that Stellar has a plethora of experiences so she is best suited for her client! With as little as $55 you can impact Stellar’s training by supporting a training outing! Sponsor Stellar here.

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